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We're Here to Tackle Your Water Heater Repair in Saratoga CA

Our Saratoga Plumbing Service Handles Water Heater RepairsIf you're not a plumber, it's easy to forget that water heaters even exist until they make their presence known. Sometimes they'll go on strike, other times they'll growl in protest from your garage or closet, and other times yet they'll drop dead in the middle of the night. Whenever your water heater starts causing problems, don't even think of calling another plumbing for water heater repair in Saratoga.

Our plumbing contractors have been repairing every make and model of water heater, from the big commercial jobs to the little squat ones you'll find on houseboats, for over a decade, which means that we're absolutely unstoppable. Any time you need your water heater to work again, rain or shine, day or night, give us a call and we'll be there.

We Are Saratoga Tankless Water Heater Specialists

Most of the manufacturers that produce traditional storage hot water heaters are either marketing a tankless water heater or developing one. In most places where usage can vary heavily throughout the day, it's by far the most effective and energy-efficient way to bring hot water into your home. Our Saratoga Plumbing Service Installs Tankless Water Heating SystemsSo far, Rheem seems to be leading the way in this new technology, with Takagi following close behind, but there are many newer companies that could do quite well with it. Our Saratoga plumbing service will continue to tankless water heaters and be ready to install one when and if you decide you want to make that change.

A third option, if you're doing some serious shopping, is Eccotemp, a fairly new company founded in the 90's which is already becoming well-known for technology innovations in water heaters. Eccotemp's product line offers a lot of options for home and business, covering outputs from .5 GPM to 25 GPM. They're considered one of the better brands to choose from for special appilcations, like on-point delivery for showers.

Rheem Water Heating is a well-known manufacturer of award-winning tankless water heaters and they can be installed by our Saratoga plumbers either inside or outside the home or business. The units installed at individual sinks and appliances that use hot water are relatively small and can therefore be placed almost anywhere in the house where needed.

You also have the option of getting one moderately sized unit, usually installed outside, to heat water for the whole house. Our Saratoga plumbing service can help you with your choice based on how many water appliances you have and how much total hot water your household or business needs.

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