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Saratoga Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

a Saratoga garbage disposal repair tech is fixing a broken unitYour garbage disposal is a necessary part of your kitchen, but you really don't realized how important it is until it stops working. Our Saratoga plumbing team knows exactly how that feels. That's why we have a dedicated 24 hour repair service. We've repaired thousands of units by all of the major manufacturers including Waste King and Insinkerator.

The most common garbage disposal issues include a humming sound and the blades not spinning, clogged sinks and backed up disposals, leaks and general poor performance. There is also the chance that your garbage disposal motor has failed, but this is usually accompanied by a burnt rubber smell.

When a Saratoga garbage disposal repair tech reaches your location, he'll quickly assess the situation by asking you about the problem. Most problems can be diagnosed in under 10 minutes and repaired in under an hour. If the repair is going to take longer, it's probably worth vb buying a new unit instead of repairing the old one.

Top Notch Garbage Disposals Diagnostics And Repairs

this garbage disposal had the seal replacedIf you turn on your unit and hear a humming sound instead of the normal disposal sound, you probably have a blockage in your blades. This blockage has caused the pressure plate in your motor to disengage with the spinning blades to prevent the motor from working too hard and burning out. The humming you hear is the motor spinning, indicating that the flywheel is not the problem.

Our Saratoga CA plumber will diagnose the problem and unblock your blades. If there is no blockage, the flywheel may have broken teeth and need to be replaced. This repair is only indicated in commercial units, cheaper residential units should be replaced to save on labor costs.

Clogged disposals happen when the small drain line at the end of the disposal gets blocked by food debris. This fix is easy and takes less than 15 minutes. We will come in and clear the drain clog by disassembling the garbage disposal drain line and clearing it by hand.

Get Professional Garbage Disposal Repair in Saratoga CA

Garbage disposal leaks are usually caused by aging. Seals cracks and the lower seal near the drain line is easy to replace. The seal can be replaced in a matter of minutes by sliding it off and replacing it with a new one. However, if the leak is in the top seal, you are better off getting a new unit than paying to have this one disassembled and repaired.

Sometimes blades dull from normal usage and result in the garbage disposal not working efficiently. This can be expedited if items like fruit stones and silverware find their way into the disposal. When this happens, our Saratoga plumbing team suggests either changing out the blades or purchasing a new unit.

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